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Monitoring Center

Datacenter staff is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week watching network and individual system performance to maintain 100% network and 99.9% server uptime.

This area serves as both a control center and a call center, allowing staff to handle any issue quickly without needing to change locations


The transport cabinets contain routing equipment, gateway servers, and firewalls.

Diverse fiber lines converge on the transport cabinets to route Internet traffic to servers, as well as to bridge DFW2 to the grand-fathered DFW1 datacenter.

  Cabinets and Racks

Rows of cabinets and racks throughout the datacenter offer an enormous amount of room for expansion. One of our colo areas is shown in the picture to the right - dedicated servers are placed adjacent to internal servers, but are on different networks.

Redundant air conditioning through the raised flooring keeps all equipment from exceeding maximum operating temperatures.

ATS and Line Conditioning

To ensure surges and brownouts cause no harm to sensitive electronic equipment, arrays of line conditioners are used to filter the datacenter's electrical current.

Automatic transfer switches (ATS) provide a seamless transfer from municipal to emergency power should there be an electrical outage.

  Municipal Electricity

Massive amounts of power are drawn into a central location adjacent to other electrical equipment, providing easy simultaneous access to all.

These units convert the high-voltage electricity coming from municipal providers into stable current for servers, routers, and other peices of equipment.

Emergency Electricity

In addition to surge and brownout protection, the datacenter is guarded from complete loss of municipal power by several emergency sources.

Two of the larger generators are shown to the left. These units hold enough diesel fuel to operate several hours or even days without intervention.

These generators are connected to the ATS units pictured above, which switch the entire datacenter over to emergency power without more than a few milliseconds of power loss, which is usually absorbed without any system failures.

When on emergency power, current is still filtered by the line conditioning equipment used on the municipal electricity.



Only authorized personnel are permitted to enter the colocation areas... even then, extreme precautionary measures have been taken to ensure maximum security.

As shown to the right, numerous color CCD cameras are set up to allow viewing of each individual row of cabinets at anytime from the monitoring/control center.

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