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 Grand Opening

With the launch of Subsidiary of ACSite.NET, our ability to provided cutting edge and superior support has only made us stronger. Giving our clients full access to control and easily manage any and all domains at a affordable rate!

All these service FREE with each domain:

  • 100 email forwarding addresses
  • Web/URL forwarding/framing
  • DNS services (name server hosting)
  • Dynamic DNS updates
  • Change of ownership
  • Domain name parking & locking
  • Name your phone / Name your map
Click here to see complete list of our features

The LOWEST priced domains with FULL Feature:

TLD Register /yr Renewal /yr Transfer /yr
.com $8.75 $8.75 $8.75
.net $8.75 $8.75 $8.75
.org $8.75 $8.75 $8.75
.info $8.75 $8.75 N/A
.biz $8.75 $8.75 N/A
.tv $43.50 $43.50 N/A
.ws $28.75 $28.75 N/A
.nu* * $28.75 $28.75 N/A
.bz $28.75 $28.75 N/A
.cc $28.75 $28.75 $28.75
.tm** * $110.00 $110.00 N/A
.cn* $28.75 $28.75 N/A* $28.75 $28.75 N/A* $28.75 $28.75 N/A* $28.75 $28.75 N/A
All prices are in US dollars.
  • * .nu names have a 2 year minimum registration at this moment.
  • ** .TM names have a 10 years only registration requirement.
  • * contact us.
  • .TV has a category of domain names called "Premium Names" which have a different pricing structure. We currently do not register these names.
  • The registry stipulates that domain name transfers are the same as new one-year name registrations, so we do too. Transfers add to the time remaining on the registration at the other registrar, and do not start the clock over.
    Exception: The Registry will not add a year if the domain is transferred within the first 45 days of the extended/renewed year.



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